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How It Works

For Principal Brokers and


You will receive monthly emails providing access to license information. These reports will assist you in managing your licensees and their licenses.

Pricing for Corporations

Pricing plans for corporations are on a case by case basis. Call today for a quote for your company.

Pricing for Individuals

The annual career investment for up to three jurisdictions is just $50. Less than $1 per week helps you stay compliant!

Monthly plans are also available.


How do I sign in?

Navigate to the menu bar at the top of the page and click Login.

How do I access a report?

Navigate to the menu bar at the top of the page.

If you are an administrator for your organization, click on “Company Report” to access a list of the licensees in your organization. To see details for a specific licensee, click the View icon along the right side. 

If you are an individual licensee of your organization, click “My Report” to access your personal report.

I still need help!

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Maintain compliance

Ensures compliance while alleviating time-consuming, non-revenue generating tasks for you or your office staff.

Takes the burden of compliance and the worry of potential fines associated with licensees practicing with an expired license out of the equation.

Stay current

LicenseTraxx will stay up to date with the status of each licensee based on state specific CE requirements.

And more!

See at-a-glance which licensees are in danger of expiration.

Provides the ability to get your licensees the CE they need directly through LicenseTraxx.



Each month LicenseTraxx will provide an email to your firm with access to reports that give you current information on the individual licensees you are responsible for managing.


Peace of Mind

State requirements for CE and license renewal can change based on new regulations and policies. Licensetraxx implements these changes to ensure compliance for your licensees.

Try It Today!

Risk-free for 90 days!

As a valued customer, you will receive a completely free trial of LicenseTraxx.

On a corporate level, you can continue to use the product for the cost you were quoted at the beginning of your trial.

Individuals can maintain coverage for only $5 a month or $50 annually.

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